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A game designed for those that wish to leave this year behind! Go around the board collecting friends to help you stay financially afloat. All while facing 104 Social Media events that happened in 2020. Where you’ll have to dodge Karen’s, escape Anti Maskers, and so much more. The first to collect 10 survivor points ends the game but the player with the highest score WINS! How shady are you willing to be to win?! 4-8 Player game  |  Ages 18+

1 Board Game 1 Double Deck Box
8 Player Pieces 1 Pair of Dice
8 Pencils 28 Friend Tiles
1 Score pad (24 pages) 1 White Cotton Bag
104 Social Media Cards

1. Air Quality Card
2. Anti Masker Card
3. Bail Bond Card
4. Beauty Guru Card
5. Billionaire Card
6. Binge Watching Card
7. Birthday Card
8. Black Mamba Card
9. Black Panther Card
10. Boomers Card
11. Canceled Card
12. Challenges Card
13. Civil Rights Card
14. Climate Change Card
15. Conspiracies Card
16. Cooking Card
17. Covid-Test Card
18. Covid-Vaccine Card
19. Covid 19 Card
20. Covidiots Card
21. Curfew Card
22. Debt Card
23. Dependents Card
24. Donations Card
25. Essential Workers Card
26. Essentials Card
27. Fake News Card
28. Feel the Bern Card
29. Gaming Card
30. Gender Reveal Card
31. Giveaway Card
32. Green New Deal Card
33. Group Chat Card
34. Happy New Year Card
35. Hate Crime Card

36. Health Insurance Card
37. Home Workout Card
38. Immigration Rights Card
39. Immunity Card
40. Influencer Card
41. Insomnia Card
42. Job Hunting Card
43. Karen Card
44. Laid Off Card
45. Leap Year Card
46. LGBTQIA+ Rights Card
47. Live Stream Card
48. Lockdown Card
49. Long Distance Card
50. Looted Card
51. Loss Card
52. Mail-In Ballot Card
53. Mask Card
54. Me Time Card
55. Mental Health Card
56. Neighbor Card
57. Newborn Card
58. Online Dating Card
59. Online School Card
60. OnlyFans Card
61. Overwhelmed Card
62. Partying Card
63. Peloton Card
64. Police Card
65. Prime Card
66. Quarantine 15 Card
67. Quarantine Card
68. Quitting Card
69. Racism Card
70. Remote Work Card

71. Rent Card
72. Reopening Card
73. Sanitize Card
74. Savings Card
75. Scandal Card
76. Second Wave Card
77. Self Care Card
78. Shortage Card
79. Side Effects Card
80. Simp Card
81. Skillshare Card
82. Small Business Card
83. Social Distancing Card
84. Space X Card
85. Stimulus Check Card
86. Stock Market Card
87. Stress Card
88. Supreme Court Card
89. Testing Site Card
90. The Monolith Card
91. Theme Park Card
92. TikTok Card
93. To Go Card
94. Toilet Paper Card
95. Trans Rights Card
96. Travel Card
97. Treat Yo Self Card
98. Trump Card
99. Unemployment Card
100. U.S.P.S. Card
101. White Privilege Card
102. Women’s Rights Card
103. Zoom Wedding Card
104. Zoom Card


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NOTE: First of all, if you could find it in your heart to understand that I’m only one person and each game is made to order however I’m trying my best to get these games to you with the quickness. You’ll be updated with an email once the product has been shipped along with a tracking code. This product is also through secure payment services which will allow you to be eligible for buyer protection. If your country isn’t open just DM me or email me about this. I’ll be more than willing to open it up for you! I truly appreciate your patience and I am so thankful that you’re supporting the game! Contact me with any questions or concerns.


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3 reviews for 2020 Board Game
  • Eileen C.

    The whole year of 2020 in a board game??? HOW? It’s honestly amazing.
    This game is just jammed packed with humor, wit, tact, and.. shade; it’s not for the kind-hearted. I have played this game multiple times with my friends now and I get a different outcome and scenario, each and every time. And every time it’s just endless laughter and fun to bring the ~shade onto everyone. It’s a must-have to add to your collection of board games to give it more variety. I can’t wait for more expansion packs to be released!

  • Sylvia P. (verified owner)

    Call all of your problematic, board-game-loving friends/family over to play! This game REALLY does embody 2020 and all of the chaos we experienced in a light-hearted and comical way that makes topics easy to discuss. I can tell from the aesthetically pleasing design to the action card titles and images, down to the feel of the cards, that there was a lot of thought, hours of research, and (dare I say) blood, sweat, and TEARS that went into creating this game. I have played with friends and family and had nothing short of a GOOD (shady) TIME. You will not be disappointed!

  • Ana Rosales

    The board game was well created to bring everything that is 2020. The packaging and graphics are AMAZING.It is easy to follow the rules and play the game. Great way to laugh and dig deep into the issues that we face as a country but, most of all enjoying the moment with family and friends. I will say make sure you have the snacks and drinks ready to go because you will be laughing and playing all your shady cards to win.

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