2022 Extension Pack+



PLAYERS BEWARE! Playing with this extension pack will only make the game even more manic. We are continuing the 2020 decade with another 52 exclusive Social Media Cards all inspired by the year 2022. This pack also extends your game play to around 3 hrs. and you will now have to reach 15 survivor points to end the game. (We recommend combining the 2020 Extension Pack+ or any other extension pack+ but not necessary.) 4-8 Player game  |  Ages 18+

New cards unlocked every month! Follow us on Tiktok as and get the latest updates!

1. Omicron Variant Card
2. NFT Card
3. Crypto Card
4. Short King Card
5. Brainwashed Card
6. Global Warming Card
7. Daylight Savings Card
8. Clout Chaser Card
9. Pronouns Card
10. Putin Card
11. Balance Card
12. Iran Card
13. Elon Card
14. Overturn Card
15. Student Debt Card
16. Corporate Greed Card
17. Cuffing Season Card
18. Accusations Card
19. Slap Card
20. Confirmed Card
21. Policy Card
22. Monkeypox Vaccine Card
23. Stranded Card
24. Ukraine Card
25. Flu Card
26. Toxic Card
27. Pandemic Baby Card
28. Homelessness Card
29. C.D.C. Card
30. Bad Bitch Card
31. Supreme Court Card
32. Kanye Card
33. Monkeypox Card
34. Food Shortage Card
35. Passport Card
36. Defamation Card
37. Appropriation Card
38. The Queen Card
39. Toxic Masculinity Card
40. D.A.C.A Card
41. War Card
42. Gun Violence Card
43. Victim Card
44. Pakistan Card
45. Recession Card
46. Home Test Card
47. Raid Card
48. Thirst Trap Card
49. Metaverse Card
50. Representation Card
51. B.F.F.R. Card
52. Ally Card
53. Paranoia Card
54. N.A.T.O Card
2022 Extension Pack


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NOTE: First of all, if you could find it in your heart to understand that I’m only one person and each game is made to order however I’m trying my best to get these games to you with the quickness. You’ll be updated with an email once the product has been shipped along with a tracking code. This product is also through secure payment services which will allow you to be eligible for buyer protection. If your country isn’t open just DM me or email me about this. I’ll be more than willing to open it up for you! I truly appreciate your patience and I am so thankful that you’re supporting the game! Contact me with any questions or concerns.


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