2020 Extension Pack+

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PLAYERS BEWARE! Playing with the extension pack will only make the game even shadier. Not all events fit in the original 104 game cards, so we added 54 new cards to add to the fun! This pack also extends your play time to around 3 hrs. and you will now have to reach 15 survivor points to end the game. (We do recommend combining this product with the 2021 Extension Pack+ but not necessary.) 4-8 Player game  |  Ages 18+

1. Algorithm Card
2. Anti-Vaxxers Card
3. Apology Card
4. Australia Card
5. Black Lives Matter Card
6. Broke Card
7. Capitol Card
8. Compassion Card
9. Concede Card
10. Conscious Card
11. Decompress Card
12. Divorce Card
13. Dumpster Fire Card
14. Elected Card
15. Electoral College Card
16. Entitled Card
17. Epstein Card
18. Eviction Card
19. Fraud Card
20. Georgia Card
21. Haircut Card
22. Hand Sanitizer Card
23. Hiking Card
24. Holidays Card
25. Hypocrite Card
26. Impeachment Card
27. Inauguration Card
28. Insurrection Card
29. Investigation Card
30. Medicine Card
31. Microaggression Card
32. No-Fly List Card
33. Outdoor Dining Card
34. Poll Worker Card
35. Protection Card
36. Proud Boys Card
37. Reddit Card
38. Reseller Card
39. Snitch Card
40. Social Justice Card
41. Spillin Tea Card
42. Sugar Baby Card
43. Super Spreader Card
44. Suppression Card
45. Suspended Card
46. Tesla Card
47. The 1% Card
48. Tweet Card
49. UFO Card
50. Vice President Card
51. Winter Storm Card
52. Youtuber Card


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NOTE: First of all, if you could find it in your heart to understand that I’m only one person and each game is made to order however I’m trying my best to get these games to you with the quickness. You’ll be updated with an email once the product has been shipped along with a tracking code. This product is also through secure payment services which will allow you to be eligible for buyer protection. If your country isn’t open just DM me or email me about this. I’ll be more than willing to open it up for you! I truly appreciate your patience and I am so thankful that you’re supporting the game! Contact me with any questions or concerns.


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1 review for 2020 Extension Pack+
  • Alana J.

    Remember how calm it was before the pandemic and you were just living your life. Then all of a sudden COVID-19 hit and then every issue in the world hit the spot light showing how messed up this world is.

    Well in this game you get to relive that familiar feeling in a super hilarious board game, but this time maybe you can avoid some of these world problems from effecting you. This game if perfect for those group of friends who love throwing shade around the table.

    If I were to describe 2020 board game, it is like Monopoly but you collect followers, Cards Against Humanity because it’s shadey as heck, Risk since you do need to be strategic, Educational for all the news coverage we missed and Taboo because you never know what game changer card you are going to pull next.

    I highly recommend this game!!

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