Imagine the 2020 decade was recreated into a board game, but not just any board game but rather one of the shadiest board games around where you can screw over other players with every passing turn with cards all based on real-life events.

We know how that sounds and your feelings are valid if you don’t want to experience 2020 all over again. Just think of it more like a time capsule, when your adult kids ask what it was like living through one of our darkest timelines. 

Even though the core game is about 2020, the Extension Packs+ add even more events following that specific year. So expect an extension pack for each year of the decade to add even more shade, treachery, chaos and audacity.

The best way to describe this game is like an ingredient bowl. The game has the nostalgia of Monopoly, the suspense of Jumanji, the relatability of Pandemic, the player control of Catan, the simplicity of Ticket-to-Ride, the bluntness of Cards Against Humanity, the humor of S.N.L., and the deception of Yu-Gi-oh! but with an overarching strategy mechanic.

The game was designed for ages 18+ because you shouldn’t need to shy away from mature topics when playing a game based on real life but be warned that if you bring this to the next board game night, expect to find out who’s the absolute WORST among your friends & family. 😂