2021 Extension Pack+



PLAYERS BEWARE! Playing with this extension pack will only make the game even worse for everyone. We are continuing the 2020 decade with another 54 exclusive Social Media Cards all inspired by the year 2021. This pack also extends your game play to around 3 hrs. and you will now have to reach 15 survivor points to end the game. (We do recommend combining this product with the 2020 Extension Pack+ ) 4-8 Player game  |  Ages 18+

1. Abortion Card
2. Astrology Card @claireluna
3. Back Up Card @megannisticview
4. Bankrupt Card
5. Bestie Card @hillsofsignal
6. B.I.P.O.C. Card @hdee_
7. Bones Day Card @crescentcityhippie
8. Booster Shot Card @sweet_dee_monty
9. Boxing Card @livgentry
10. Capitalism Card
11. Cash Cow Card @chantalnicoleee
12. Catfish Card @adivinadondeestoy
13. Cicada Card @_sarahgibbons
14. Colonizer Card
15. Conservatorship Card @e.ileen.c
16. Counterfeit Card @hannahmae214
17. Credit Card Card
18. Critical Race Theory Card
19. Defund Card
20. Delta Variant Card @rosegoldk2
21. Detective Card
22. Detention Center Card
23. Eat the Rich Card @hip_ee
24. Escrow Card @jo_vogel
25. Flooding Card @sparklesinthelight
26. Gentrification Card
27. Gorilla Glue Card @swaggy_macie
28. Labor Shortage Card
29. Liferaft Card
30. Mercury Retrograde Card @mehreemakeup
31. Meta Card
32. Milk Crate Card
33. Olympics Card @soccerlady1001
34. Performative Activism Card
35. Pretty Privilege Card
36. Price Hike Card @stavo_alvarez
37. Recall Card @midnight_al
38. Red Flag Card @axlicious
39. Refugee Card
40. Rescue Card
41. Rocketship Card @allicat2405
42. Royaltea Card @thatstateguy
43. Shut Down Card
44. Snapchat Card @crystalgxo
45. Squid Game Card @wanderlust_chica_ana
46. Stop A.A.I.P. Hate Card @jennparkk
47. Street Vendor Card @ejcordova_
48. Sue Card
49. Suez Canal Card @qmracer01
50. The Great Resignation Card @amanda_dez_
51. Thief Card
52. To the Moon Card @iamrique_
53. Vaccine Card @aphamtastic
54. Vaccine Mandate @lemooemoo


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NOTE: First of all, if you could find it in your heart to understand that I’m only one person and each game is made to order however I’m trying my best to get these games to you with the quickness. You’ll be updated with an email once the product has been shipped along with a tracking code. This product is also through secure payment services which will allow you to be eligible for buyer protection. If your country isn’t open just DM me or email me about this. I’ll be more than willing to open it up for you! I truly appreciate your patience and I am so thankful that you’re supporting the game! Contact me with any questions or concerns.


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